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Keeping yourself healthy in today’s environment can be challenging. BootCamp Clique offers the Upper West Side Personal Trainer Boxing Workout classes and boxing inspired fitness classes which infuse boxing drills and metabolic bodyweight exercises that incinerate fat and promote lean muscle. No gym or equipment required. Live instruction and individualized attention in all of our classes.

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30 Minute BootCamp Workout

Our 30 Minute BootCamp Workout class will push you using HIIT and boxing techniques. Improving your exercise technique will help you in getting physically fit.

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45 Minute BootCamp Workout

Our 45 Minute BootCamp workout training session will improve upon techniques mastered in the 30 min class. Let us help you take your fitness to the next level.

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60 Minute BootCamp Workout

Our 60 Minute BootCamp workout training course improves on both the 30 minute and 45 courses. You can use this time to customize parts of your workout plan.

BootCamp Workout Benefits

There are many benefits to joining BootCamp Clique and registering for our Upper West Side Personal Trainer BootCamp Workout courses. Whether its increased flexibility, training at your own pace, or supplementing your daily workout with Boxing style exercises and techniques, BootCamp Clique will help you plan and maintain your daily exercise plan.

streaming home boxing workoutBurn Calories and Lose Weight

BootCamp Clique's interactive home boxing workout training routines will help you burn calories in a short amount of time while gaining muscle.

streaming home boxing workoutStretching Routines

Lack of flexibility can lead to injury - BootCamp Clique has stretching routines and exercise that will help maintain and also increase flexibility.

streaming home boxing workoutBuild Lean Muscle

Our Workout Routines will help your body produce anabolic hormones that help produce and maintain lean muscle.

streaming home boxing workoutFlexible Scheduling

Busy Schedule? BootCamp Clique has a variety of workouts and times available to suit your workout needs. Choose between 30 Min, 45 Min or 60 Minute classes.

BootCamp Clique Success Stories

Read what customers are saying about BootCamp Clique. Every customer gets personalized training that combines customized routines and focused areas of the body that each client wants to work on.

  • Marlee Avatar

    My Core is stronger, my Legs are stronger, my Arms are stronger and they push me further then I would... read more

    Sylvana Avatar

    My biggest obstacle has always been keeping up with my abdomen. With the pandemic and everything closed I found BootCamp... read more

    Jimmy Avatar

    The main obstacle that from getting to my goal as I didn't have enough time, I needed help. With BootCamp... read more

    Greg Avatar

    BootCamp Clique has been a great solution. Because their classes are contact-less a lot of the drills are the same... read more

Whether you’re new to boxing or rather get some serious cardio/body weight training in, we have the right class for you. Looking to strengthen your core? Trying to lose that post baby weight? Want to supercharge your bodies natural immunity? Get unlimited access to our streaming home boxing workout online classes, designed to deliver the best of our in-studio expertise, for everyday home use.

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